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How to Experience French Culture in Paris

How to Experience French Culture in Paris

With their effortless style and supreme taste in literature, food, and wine, true Parisians are easy to spot. Here are a few ways to travel like a local and take in French culture in Paris, from learning the language to playing some pétanque.

  • Go beyond oui and s'il vous plait with a casual French language class that involves conversation in a classic café and a short city walking tour.

  • Hone your kitchen skills in Paris during a semi-private, two-hour baguette and croissant workshop taught by a professional French cooking instructor. Learn how French masters knead dough, and discover the secrets to baking the perfect buttery croissant and classic baguette.

  • Taste the traditional flavors of a four-course French meal, complete with wine, cheese and rich French sauces, in the local home of English-speaking Parisians.

  • Learn to play the local game of pétanque —also known as lawn bowling—while sipping French wine and nibbling charcuterie during a half-day walking tour of Paris' most famous neighborhoods.

  • Gain an edge by taking in a showing of Oliver Giraud's hit comedy show How to Become a Parisian in One Hour. Using his unique brand of comedy, Giraud instructs the crowd on how to think, dress, talk, and walk like a real Parisian.